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Out of the two new items classified as toys this week, I focused on the hat instead of a Batman related toy. The reason is because this hat is from Alien and that trumps everything. So get off my butt! Check out all 2 toys here!

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As much as I’m excited about Jem #1 coming out this week, I still can’t help but get a cold shiver down my spine whenever I think back to JemCon… For those who were there…I salute you. We are brothers in arms. The norms of society will never truly grasp the horror we saw that […]

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The Meatmen are coming to town and they’re playing across the street at Geno’s. Save yourself a trip to Boston and go to this show! Thursday, May 7th, 5:00 PM at Geno’s. Be there. More info and updates here.

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