Conan: The People of the Black Circle and Other Stories TP

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A thriller that will take readers across the Marvel Universe — and beyond! Kurt Busiek (MARVELS) is back, with the biggest, wildest, most sprawling series you’ve ever seen — telling stories that span decades and range from cosmic adventure to intense human drama, from street-level to the far reaches of space, starring literally anyone from Marvel’s first heroes to the superstars of tomorrow! Featuring Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher, the Human Torch, Storm, the Black Cat, the Golden Age Vision, Melinda May, Aero, Iron Man, Thor and more — and introducing characters destined to be fan-favorites! Get to know Kevin Schumer — an ordinary guy with some big secrets — and the mysterious Threadneedle! But who (or what) is KSHOOM? It all starts here. And it goes… everywhere! 

Collecting THE MARVELS (2021) #1-5.

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