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Devil May Cry should have been called Devil May Gun Porn. I’ve never witnessed a more SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT STAB IT IN THE EYE!!!! game in my life. I love it and now you can re-enact your favorite moments, or have him bomb around in your Turtle Van, with this new Dante action figure. […]

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There’s a bunch of Secret Wars and Convergence stuff coming out this week, but let’s not forget the little guys. Valiant comics is really trying their damnedest to provide great books without obliterating your wallet with tons of crossovers or cash grabs. I feel like them and Image are two companies trying to do right […]

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Are you looking to purchase one of our artisan, hand crafted, made with tender love and care shirts, but can’t make it into the store? Good news, champ. We have an Etsy store for just such an instance! Click the link below and purchase items that are guaranteed (not guaranteed) to make you smarter, happier, […]

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