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Have you guys checked out The Woods yet? It’s holding up well and is pretty rad. The first trade and the latest issue comes out this week, so it’s probably the best time to give it a shot. If you’re the type of person that enjoys giving things a shot, that is. Also, Original Sin […]

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Ross has moved on to watch the first season Royal Pains now. He’s dressed Tristan’s mangled corpse up in a nice 3 piece suit and placed it in a chair next to him. Ross keeps offering him popcorn and gets offended when Tristan’s mangled remains say nothing back to him. “Fine, more for me” he says…

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Are you looking to purchase one of our artisan, hand crafted, made with tender love and care shirts, but can’t make it into the store? Good news, champ. We have an Etsy store for just such an instance! Click the link below and purchase items that are guaranteed (not guaranteed) to make you smarter, happier, […]

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