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New Comics for December 5th 2018!

There's comics. Did we read everything? Not really. Sorry. But I read a bunch... Doomsday Clock ruled, so did Immortal Hulk. So much cool stuff this week. Follow us @umactuallycomics on Instagram for more comic stuff!

  • Chad Pennell

Christmas On Infinite Earths : New Comics 11/27/18

Fantastic Four, Dead Man Logan, Action Comics 1005 Brings back a beloved character! Hellboy brings up a painful memory! DC's Nuclear Winter brings the looming apocalypse up as a fun backdrop for superhero stories! Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy drag Wolverine's body around to parties in Dead Man Logan!

  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #12 Home Sweet Home (1981)

It's Thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate than to work those Abbadabbas with the eponymous "Jake" of Body By Jake fame! He stars as a bodybuilding psychopathic serial killer on PCP who giggles like a kindergartener dealing out pro-wrestling style death to the unwitting idiots of a hacienda in maybe Mexico. Add to the mix a Rock and Roll Mime, and 6 other people so bland that their deaths don't change the plot in the slightest, and you've got Home Sweet Home... The best Thanksgiving horror movie that 1981 had to offer.

  • Chad Pennell