New Comics for February 20th 2019!

Return of Wolverine #5 has an actual payoff! Venom has a crazy revelation about Eddie's family! Teen Titans has Crush... I love Crush. My favorite new DC character. I identify strongly with her angsty teenage nonsense. Sharky is an intergalactic take on Burt Reynold's movie Sharky's Machine. Old Man Quill features a knock down, drag out with the Wrecking Crew. Amazing Nightcrawler gives Kurt some love. Guardians is now a countdown to somebody getting their body taken over by Thanos... All this and more.. Plus, we miss a bunch of comics because diamond forgot to ship me a whole box of books...

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for February 13th 2019!

New Captain Marvel! New Savage Sword of Conan series! A Batman... but he laughs? What's that all about?

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for February 6th 2019!

Avengers vs Vampires! Batman & Flash teamup! Zdarsky's Daredevil! Girl in the Bay by Corin Howell & JM Dematteis!

  • Chad Pennell