Coast City Podcasts!

Um, Actually Comics: 6/20/18

Everyone is getting married...OR ARE THEY??? Zombies biting wolverines, a Punk Rock Gecko, Weapon H and an upgraded ManThing. Avengers is good again! Justice League is good again! WOAH!!!
  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #4 ICED (1988)

Matt and Tristan are joined by Damian Maffei AKA The Man in the Mask from Strangers : Prey at Night, to talk about the impossible to find horror classic (?) Iced. Damian chose this, so its his fault. The movie is a tough one to get through, so let us help. Its out there on Youtube...or you could pay $100 for a VHS copy.

  • Chad Pennell

Um, Actually Comics: 6/13/18

Stellar #1, Hawkman #1, The Weekend presents "Starboy", Alpha Rising and other great things. I tell people to buy Kaijumax.

  • Chad Pennell