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New Comics for August 15th, 2018 PUNK ROCK SPIDEY EDITION

Goddamit. Edge of Spider-Geddon is great. Read it. Also Ice Cream Man was super clever this week. Extermination, Pearl, Crowded. Could have been called Crowd-Fund-Dead... Dammit. I like that better.

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for August 8th, 2018 So…warm…Uggh.

Fantastic Four return! Sexy Pig Girl makes her second appearance, it is hot enough in here to melt steel. Plus, other comics that are good.

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for August 1st, 2018 Marvel and DC are kinda doing alright…

Leviathan, Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road, Cosmic Ghostrider continues to be the best bonkers superhero stuff ever, Seeds rules, new Hulk, new Mister Miracle... So much great stuff!!!!

  • Chad Pennell