Coast City Podcasts!

New Comics for October 10rd, 2018 Witching Hour, Murder Falcon, X-23, our big Halloween Event!

We've got new books! Spook House 2 #2 is out, Murder Falcon, the big Justice League Dark crossover, "Witching Hour" continues to be incredible. Somebody dumb dies in Avengers... 

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for October 3rd, 2018 The Maxx is back! The Dreaming! Shatterstar! It seems to be getting 90’s in here…

Lots of great stuff! Definately a strong 90's flavor to this week, but some great new stuff including Border Town, Dead Rabbit, Blackbird, Jook Joint, Lollypop Kids, Shatterstar and so much more!!!

  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #8 Tourist Trap

We talk about the classic film, Tourist Trap. If you've never seen it, just picture Scooby Doo meets Saw, and you won't be far off.

  • Chad Pennell