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New Comics for July, 11 2018 Malibu Stacy Has a new Hat Edition!

Farmhand is awesome! LOEG Tempest is great! So much good stuff! Rottley draws Spidey!!!

  • Chad Pennell

Fun Box Monster Podcast #5 Bad Dreams (1988)

We talk about the 1988 film, Bad Dreams, usually written off as a rip-off of Nightmare on Elm Street 3, (by me at the beginning of the podcast as well...I backpedal pretty quickly though...) but is a pretty fine film in its own right. Starring the always amazing Richard Lynch, and Dean Cameron (AKA Chainsaw from Summer School...) it's a who's-who of B movie actors with great kills, great effects, and a pretty cool (albeit mildly confusing) plot. Check it out!

We would greatly appreciate you sharing. rating and reviewing us so we can get this dumb podcast to the masses. If we get enough people on board, I'll even create a separate channel so horror folks don't get the comic stuff, and vice-versa...

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for July, 4 2018 Weird Sexy Animal Edition

Batman #50... Batman gets...married? Catwoman #1 RULES! Captain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates! A new Elvira comic with a million covers and we have them all.
  • Chad Pennell