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New Comics for Sept. 19, 2018 From Dick to Dick.

From Dick Tracy to Batman's dick, this week is for the meat-lover in us all.

  • Chad Pennell

GHOSTRIDE THE MAMMOTH! We talk about The New books for September, 5 2018!

WOAH! What a freakin' great week for Marvel!!! Cosmic Ghost Rider continues to be incredible, Thanos, Avengers 7 turns the lumbering ship of the new Avengers series back towards something we can all enjoy, A PREHISTORIC GHOSTRIDER ON A FUCKING MAMMOTH. Hulk tracks down Sasquatch intent on beating the Gamma contamination out of him, and Vertigo has a great new book?!? Border Town is awesome. Chupacabras, great art, and a weird punk political thing... The Dreaming was everthing I wanted in a Sandman spinoff. Check it out, we talk ad nauseum about all of it.

  • Chad Pennell

New Comics for August 29th, 2018 DC Meets Looney Tunes…Again!

On its surface, DC meets Looney Tunes is, (like all ideas that are worth a damn), so stupid that I could see whoever pitched it getting laughed out of their job. Instead of that near-sighted choice, DC hired some incredibly talented people who made some fun, silly and thought provoking stories that are the sort of way-out nonsense that you can't get anywhere but in comics. Also this week, crazy spider-robots, and House Amok, a reality distorting, horror/slenderman/creepypasta type tale that is well worth your time.

  • Chad Pennell