3/6/19 - Death Dealer Vader? A New Immortal Hulk, Plus Green Arrow Ends!

Something, something, shake DC Universe to it's core. If this cover is any indication, a Legion ring gets pelted with cranberries. 
The last arc of Papergirls starts here. It will be missed. 

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I love this series. Here's a tie-in to the Hunted story line. Honestly...not a real important story tie-in. Easy to skip if it's a tight week. 
Well...Of course I went hard on this series. I don't know if it's going to suck or not, but come on. Look at it. It's a crazy suburban story of a Skrull family. You've got to give it one issue at least. 
I was worriying that we wouldn't have anymore Domino comics, but they just rebranded it as a team book. Gail Simone is back. It's fine. Get back on board. Or try it for the first time. Simone is perfect for this book. 
More weird stuff from Immortal Hulk. Still no sign of him solving problems with Hostess Fruit Pies...but I bet that's just around the bend. 
You can never have too many patches...
Take that Marvel History! That's what you get for being so imaginative and inspiring. Dinks. You like Paul Scheer of NTSCSUV and How Did This Get Made fame? You like Cosmic Ghost Rider? Do what I do and combine them! Can Sheer write comics? Does it matter? I think that's what that other guy listed as writer is for. He'll fix it. 
Yeah. That cover sells me on at least one issue. Holy crap. I need that as a back tattoo. 
New Waxwork Records!
What a sweet little angel. 
I'm working on a huge comic project with Christian DiBari on art. It's called "Rad Wraith" and it's a supernatural skateboarding revenge story. Follow us @theradwraith if you want to see what we're up to. 

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