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Aquaman #43 (New Series Starts)
Well, Aquaman got knocked on his head, and now is suffering from double secret amnesia. He has a new life under the name, "Moisty Joe Wetpants". No longer king of the ocean, he spends his days working out and conditioning his hair. I'm sure the real version much better, but I didn't have time to read it... (I will say that this artist is primo, and Kelly Sue is no slacker either. I have lots of faith that this is going to be a memorable run, and this is an easy starting point for the character)
Freedom Fighters #1

Oh Earth X. You're one of those Grant Morrison dealies where the Nazis won WWII. These Axis dinks think they're pretty cool right now, but Uncle Sam's been drinking cheap corn liquor and he's in the mood to let freedom ring, in the form of a boot to some ratzi asses. Unfortunately, they have an army of plastic men, and some crazy robot crap. READ THIS BOOK!!! 
We have a Poultrygeist shirt! Based on, and officially licensed by, Troma. Art by me and TMNT artist Steve Lavigne. Plus, 2 new shop designs! 
Defenders : The Best Defense #1

Have you been saying, "Sure there's a new Defenders book, but when is the Hulk going to straight-up eat some dude's face?" Well. That would be right here.  Plus, Namor wears the Silver Surfer and flies through space. Guys, comics are crazy. 
Infinity Wars : Fallen Guardian #1

 Oh, boy. These guys can't make a crossover without killing off a beloved character. So... Here's the story of who they off.
What I can say, without spoilers is that it's a smart, silly, fun story that's full of life affirming charm. It pays off a character's legacy without killing them foolishly. I loved this book.
Spider-Geddon #5

Holy crap! There's a payoff to this book. No! REALLY!!! There's an ending that is pretty satisfying, and it opens up the possibility for more shenanigans in the future. I'm downright shocked. Good on you spider people. 
The Best Defense Parts Three and Four... 
This is a Defenders series... From the way they marketed it, I feel like they were trying to hide that fact. Not absolutely sure...Either way, if you want more of this, last week's Immortal Hulk #1, and Namor #1 were part of this thing. Doctor Strange is an Old Man Logan treatment, with him old and broken fighting Dormamu's devil dogs. Pretty great. Silver Surfer was trippy and awesome. 
Nightmare on Elm Street Accessory Set! 

There's a Freddy TV, a Freddy Worm, plus the street signs. This set is so freakin' cool. 
New Waxwork Records!
Uncanny X-men #6
Craziness abounds, with new Age of Apocalypse style horsemen, X-Man and Legion all going at it. Love it. 


Tank Girl : Action Alley #1

Seriously...This is a new ongoing Tank Girl Series for the first time in 30 years? They really need to take better care of this property. This book is fun, and more akin to the Dark Horse era, than the real ultra-artsy stuff that was coming out in the late 2000's. Fun weird stuff, plus the origin of the mutant kangaroos!
When hell is full, a single, non-articulated, rubber elf will roam the earth.  It's mouth will never close. It's arms will never bend. It's legs will never be seen with it's torso. Mostly it will jiggle. Dan (Grizzly Adams) Haggerty stars. And smokes. A bunch. In typical Christmas movie fashion, the plot mostly revolves around incestuous nazis trying to bring about the end of the world by mating a virgin with an elf. This must be the war on Christmas I keep hearing about. So, grab a carton of Camels, stack your donuts just so, and get ready for Matt and Tristan to delve into the seedy depths of 1989's Elves. 
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