Superman #1 Facsimile Edition (2022)

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The doomed planet Krypton was about to explode. A scientist on it placed his infant son in a rocket-ship that eventually landed on Earth. It was found by John & Mary Kent, who turned the baby over to an orphanage. His feats of strength were already apparent, and they were all too ready to give him back to the Kents when they showed up and asked to adopt him. After the death of his parents, Clark Kent, the boy's human name, tried to get a job at the Daily Star, but was turned down because of his lack of experience.  Hearing about a riot at the county jail, he heads over there to try to prove his worth. After dispatching the mob that is trying to kill a prisoner, the prisoner gives him some information. It seems that Bea Carroll, singer at the Hilow Night Club, killed Jack Kennedy and framed Evelyn Curry for the murder. He tells Daily Star editor George Taylor what he knows about the riot, and Taylor hires him on the spot.


Superman travels to the Hilow Night Club and tells Bea Carroll that he knows that she killed Jack Kennedy. What follows is a retelling of the story from Action Comics #1, "Superman, Champion of the Oppressed".

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