Coast City Shirts Screenprinting



- Minimum 30 shirts
- $30 Screen Fee Per color
If you require color separation, or other design work to get your shirts press ready, we do charge a $60 per hour design fee. 
- For 2xl shirts, there is a $2.50 per shirt added fee. 
- For 3-5XL there is a $5 per shirt added fee. 

**  We are offering an introductory single color shirt deal with 40 shirts for $220 **

Glow in the Dark ink is currently so expensive, we are not doing it unless you have a VERY large order. 

What Shirts Do You Use?

For a high quality, affordable shirt, we recommend Gildan G500 Shirts. If you have a specific shirt you would prefer, please let us know.

Please check Due to ongoing shortages, your first choices may not be available so please include a second choice as well. 
What Files Do You Accept?
We accept Jpeg, PSD, AI, and Tiff files with each color on a separate layer in 100% K (Black). *
* - If you require assistance with color separation, please see pricing above.

What Does Your Turnaround Time Look Like?

Current Turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks. If you need a rush order, an additional fee will be applied. 

Anything Else?

Unfortunately we are currently not doing Pantone matching or process printing.

How do I contact you for a quote?

Send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you.