We Want to Buy Your Stuff!

We Buy Comics, Toys and Tons of Other Stuff! 


Basically, if you’ve seen it at the store, we buy it. Comics, Toys, Video Games, Pinball Machines, Movie Posters, Horror VHS tapes...you name it. We are always looking for collections. Big or small, we’ll at least consider it. If you have high end items that you need to get top dollar for,  we can bring them to auction for you. 


What determines value? 


Condition: Are the toys missing parts or accessories? Are the comics damaged? Remember that a near mint comic book is in general 20x more valuable than a VG comic. 


Rarity: If we have 10 copies of a comic and we haven’t sold them yet…we probably aren’t looking for more. If we buy these issue as part of a collection we obviously aren’t paying much for them. 


Demand: How fast is it going to sell? We have a ton of overhead. Rent, power, internet, etc., etc., so I know it doesn’t look like it, but space is at a premium. 


Labor: How much work is it going to take me to sell it? If your books are all Near Mint, bagged and boarded and in numerical order, by series, that’s going to cost me less money to get ready to sell. Boxed toys are easier than loose. Clean toys are easier than filthy ones that take me hours to clean. Therefore…more money. 


If we agree on a price, then we’ll hand you the cash. More likely a check, and everybody’s happy. 


If you are looking to sell something, send me an email at funboxmonster@icloud.com and we can set up an appointment.