Forgotten Realms #16 (DC 1989 Dungeons and Dragons Series)

Product Description
An Avatar Story! Part 2 of 4. "Mad Gods and Paladins!" Story by Jeff Grubb. Art by Rags Morales and Dave Simons. "The Time of Troubles" are here. The Tablets of Fates have been stolen and the gods have been cast out of the heavens. This is the omen Vartan was warned about (see Forgotten Realms (1989) #9). Now, Labelas, Vartan's deity, is using the cleric's body as vessel to walk among mortals, and the crew of the Realms Master is powerless to stop him. Things get worse when Labelas' rival, Enoreth the dwarf deity, shows up. When gods make war, mortals always lose.
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