Hulk #1 Facsimile Edition

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Part One – The Coming of the HulkFar away from civilization, Dr. Bruce Banner prepares to test a new weapon for the U.S. military. The gamma bomb has been a secret project for a long time. Bruce is under pressure for General Ross to test the weapon and pressure from visiting scientist Igor Drenkov. Bruce is also distracted by the presence of General Ross’s daughter Betty. When a civilian, Rick Jones, stumbles into the test area Bruce rushes out to get Rick to safety leaving Igor to delay the test.Igor has other plans though as he wishes to steal the secret of the U.S.A. new super weapon at take it back to Russia. The gamma bomb detonates as scheduled and Bruce is bombarded with gamma radiation while Rick is safely shield by a bunker. Bruce later wakes up in a military hospital, as the sun begins to set; Bruce begins to change into a grey-skinned goliath called the Hulk. As the Hulk, he escapes the military base and runs off into the desert followed by Rick Jones.Part Two – The Hulk StrikesNow hunted by the military, the Hulk instinctively seeks out Banner’s home to recover Banner’s notes on the gamma bomb. He interrupts Igor Drenkov ransacking his lab. The Hulk defeats Drenkov and recovers Banner’s report on the gamma ray bomb. The Hulk sees a picture of Banner and demands the picture be taken away because Banner is weak and soft. As the sun rises, the Hulk changes back into Dr, Bruce Banner just as the military police arrive.Part Three – The Search for the HulkThe military police discover Rick and Bruce and take the spy Igor Drenkov into custody. They police tracked the Hulk to Banner’s home but can find no trace of the monster. The officer in charge takes Banner’s report on the gamma ray bomb and Betty, Bruce and Rick are left to talk and recover from the night’s extraordinary events. After Betty leaves, Bruce begins to realize that when night falls again he may well revert to the monstrous Hulk.Part Four – Enter the GargoyleFrom his prison cell,...

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