Silver Surfer / Warlock: Resurrection #2 (1993 Limited Series)

Product Description

"Death's Favor"

The demons continue to come out of the gateway. The Surfer and the Infinity Watch begin to battle them. If the portal is not closed soon they will be overrun. The Surfer creates intense heat at the gateway which stops more from coming out. Moondragon and Warlock are able to close the portal. They find the correct dimension and pull Shalla Bal's life force from it. They bring her back together, but she is without a soul. To find it, they travel to Death's realm in order to retrieve it. She informs them that she is not in possession of the soul and she cannot name the one who has it. She tells them she can under her agreement transport them to the holder of the soul's dimension. She does so and they soon find themselves in the Nether Realm, for it is the devil Mephisto that has what they are looking for.

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