Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Vol. 2 TP

Product Description

Midori loves to design worlds. Tsubame loves to animate. Sayaka loves to make money! And at Shibahama High, they call them Eizouken-a three-girl club determined to produce their own spectacular science fiction anime!

But with no budget from their school and a leaky warehouse for a studio, Eizouken is going to have to work hard and use their imagination…the one thing they’ve got plenty of! 

Impressed by their debut film, Shibahama High’s Robot Club has comissioned Eizouken to make an anime showing off their robot…fighting a monster! Fine concept, but where will they find the monster? Their penchant for hands-on research leads them into the deepest depths of the campus…where the dangers are great, but nothing compared to the production issues that await them in the surface world!

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