Marvel Fanfare #1

Product Description
The first issue of this anthology special includes two unique tales.The first one features Spider-Man and Angel from the X-Men meeting peril in The Savage Land, ending up being trapped by Magneto's mutants. The story is left at a cliffhanger, where the mutants zapped the two heroes with Magneto's machine, to be continued in the next issue.The second tale features Daredevil helping out an old man dressing up as Santa to earn his keep, but ending up being mugged by some thugs. The tale ends with one of the thugs falling to his death, the money he stolen drifting through the sky, right back into the old man's possession.This issue also began Allen Milgrom's series of fun little "Editori-Als." In this first edition, Allen talked about the series begin printed on paper special reserved for comic book covers, thus raising the price of this comic.
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