Forgotten Realms Annual #1 (DC 1989 Dungeons and Dragons Series)

Product Description
"Waterdhavian Nights!" Guest-starring the Heroes of the Advance Dungeons & Dragons (1988) comic series. Story by Jeff Grubb (see NOTE for art credits). Cover by Gil Kane. Priam and his friends dock in Waterdeep, the greatest city in all the Realms (and a prominent location in the Forgotten Realms), in search of another powerful artifact of power. Priam takes this opportunity to visit his half-sister, the elf mage Kyriani. A series of misfortunate misunderstandings set the crew of the Realms Master and Heroes of AD&D on a series of misadventures, and on a collision course with a cadre of their deadliest enemies. NOTE: Art by: Prologue - Dan Reed and Dave Simons; Chapter 1 - Eric Kachelhofer and Dave Simons; Chapter 2 - Dan Reed and Paul Abrams; Chapter 3 - Tom Lyle and Bob Downs; Chapter 4 - Ken Penders; Chapter 5 - Eric Kachelhofer, Aldrin Aw, and Mickey Ritter; Chapter 6 - Tom Raney and Jerry Acerno.
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