Silver Surfer #107

Product Description

Doctor Doom has stripped the Silver Surfer of his powers at his request. To hold up his end of the deal, Doom destroys the planet below, ending their suffering, which greatly upsets the Surfer. This deception causes the Surfer to attack, but he is now powerless and easily defeated. He learns that this is simply a Doombot and not the actual Doctor Doom.Morg is trying to get the information he requires for Air-Walker, who is less than cooperative. After dismantling him, Air-Walker agrees and he his essence is transferred into a small pot so that he continues to cooperate.The Surfer is now the prisoner of Doom, who obtains the Power Cosmic. Although he has no power, the Surer attempts to send a message through space, hoping Legacy will pick up the message with his cosmic ESP. The Doombot enters wanting to know the secret of the Surfer's board and the Surfer sees this as an opportunity to attack once again. The Doombot defeats him once again and destroys part of the ship, leaving the Surfer floating in space unprotected.Meanwhile, Tyrant has arrived for his meeting with Galactus.

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