Silver Surfer #110

Product Description

The Silver Surfer and Legacy have decided to relax on the planet Sylloqonia. The planet is one giant party and the ratio of women to men is 335,000 to 1. The Surfer in very uninterested while he sits with Legacy, who is spending hundreds of credits on female companionship. The Surfer decides he will wait no longer and heads to leave, but notices a woman he seems to recognize.Legacy tries to get her attention but she runs away. It is soon revealed that is Nebula, who is trying to live a normal life and escape the law. She attacks Legacy and the Surfer. Also, Legacy soon runs into someone from his past, Baby Driver.Nebula tries to take down a ship in order to escape, but the Surfer manages to stop it from crashing. The Surfer has finally had enough and turns her body armor into a cocoon and encases her long enough for authorities to arrive and pick her up. Legacy and the Surfer met up and soon part ways.

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