Silver Surfer #13

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Ronan the Accuser has to kill some Kree soldiers attempting to assassinate Nenora, the new Supreme Leader of the Kree Empire. He tells Nenora who then tells him to go and kill the Silver Surfer. She believes it to be him that attacked her outpost. Nenora then speaks to Emperor Kylor and tells him everthing is going according to plan and lies about Aptak, whom she killed. She is obviously hiding something.Meanwhile Surfer and Nova come across Contemplator's head floating through space. It seems Eternity and Galactus have overridden Death. This make Surfer remember Mantis and finally admit he truly loved her. He and Nova then travel to 'have a drink' since their mission is ended.They end up traveling to a Kree world. Once the Surfer had spared this planet from Galactus and they reverred him as a saint but when he approached they all run away. The cities have been destroyed and they come face to face with Ronan. They battle but Ronan proves no match for the Surfer. Surfer and Frankie Raye go to find the one impersonating Surfer and destroying his relationship with the Kree.Kylor and the Skrull armada are awaiting the Kree ships to approach where Nenora said they would be. They have the surprise but soon find the Kree ships have shields, which Nenora said were disabled. All the Skrull ships are destroyed and Kylor is killed. Now no one knows the truth that Nenora is really a Skrull.A spy aboard Kylor's ship informs Empress S'Byll that she has one less contender for the title of Emperor of the Skrulls. She calls Krat, one of her men and sends him on an urgent mission- to Earth.Meanwhile Surfer and Frankie Raye follow the trail of the impostor. They go down to the planet and find another Silver Surfer waiting for them who says it is time to determine who the true Surfer is.

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