Silver Surfer #129

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Last issue ended with a bang and this issue's sure to start with one. What is the fate of Norrin Radd or clay Surfer? Will the Surfer come out of this a whole person? Will his memories or emotions return? And if they do, will he ever be the same?  Summary The Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters have been sent back in time by the Clay Surfer's explosion. They find themselves in 1947. Alicia has the ability to see and the Surfer soon realizes that his emotions are back. The Surfer tries to take them back to their own time but is unable to, something blocking him from doing so. He realizes the answers he seeks must be in this time.  Back in 1997, Sorentino and the Gangers have finally made their move. They kidnap Puppet Master despite the efforts of Spider-Man and Daredevil. They tell Phillip he is in no danger.  The Surfer leaves Alicia behind and heads toward Zenn-La. He runs into an unconscious Galactus and past version of himself. He looks at Zenn-La and it has been totally eradicated and all of Zenn-La is dead.

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