Silver Surfer #130

Product Description

The year is 1947 and Zenn-La is destroyed and all those on it have perished. Alicia is back in New York City and amazingly runs into her father and stepfather when they were young. She goes to their apartment.   Back on Zenn-La, the Surfer discovers who harmed Galactus and destroyed Zenn-La, the mysterious Other. Galactus revives and comes to the planet while the Surfer hides and watches. He sees Galactus remove his past self's memories of these events to save him the anguish. Galactus then sets up an elaborate illusion of Zenn-La and it's people that no one could tell was fake.  But Galactus knows the future Surfer is watching and tells him he must pay the price for learning the truth.  Alicia cannot handle the pressure of knowing the future and tries to warn her father that Phillip will kill him one day. He thinks she is crazy and she leaves.

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