Silver Surfer #137

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It's the resurrection of the Silver Surfer, but will his revivification also usher in the return of Mephisto?!?  Summary Mephisto has taken control of Agatha Harkness' body in order to become a living being once more. The Silver Surfer tries to stop him but has no power since he is a spirit. Scrier doesn't not want to destroy Agatha in the process of ridding her of Mephisto.   The Surfer fuses his spirit into Alicia's willingly, giving her the power he has among the living. But the power of Mephisto combined with Agatha is more than they can handle. Mephisto is finally able to take what he has always wanted- the Silver Surfer's soul.  But Mephisto was paying too much attention to the Surfer and did not detect Scrier behind him. He adds the power of himself to Agatha's consciousness and Scrier is able to remove the demon from her. He crushes Mephisto in his hand, although he knows the demon will return once again.  The Surfer's soul is reunited with his body and he is resurrected. Now the task of stopping the Other remains. Scrier and Surfer travel to the Nexus of All Realities to face off against the creature. Neither being has the power to stop the Other alone, so they combine their powers. They are able to create a barricade between the dimensions. It is unknown how long this barricade will hold the Other.  The Surfer returns to New York to be with Alicia, who now knows that her love, the Thing, is alive once again.

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