Silver Surfer #142

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How will Alicia find a way home? And how exactly can the Surfer breach the barrier without destroying himself?  Summary Alicia Masters has been stranded on a cold, lifeless planet in the Microverse. Cy-Phyrr 4 crash lands on the planet, severely damaged from the attacking aliens. He is able to repair himself but the attack is not over yet. He provides Alicia with a weapon to help fight the invaders off. The Silver Surfer is exploring the Macroverse and comes across a glorious planet and decides to explore it. He comes across a being known as Brahmanes. She is the consciousness of the planet, yet she suffers. She attacks the Surfer and makes him experience this sorrow. She releases him, claiming he asked for it subconsciously. This gives the Surfer the drive to attempt to escape the Macroverse once more.  The Surfer meets Sama-D once more and offers to take him with him through the termination to escape. He refuses and the Surfer continues alone.   On Earth, the Mergence has arrived and is being to join consciousness with the Coroner. The Surfer arrives and attacks the Mergence. Coroner has doubts suddenly and give the Surfer the ability to thwart the attempt to join with the Coroner. The Surfer, Tenebrae and Coroner lie unconscious in the desert, the merging incomplete.


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