Silver Surfer #28

Product Description
Silver Surfer meets with S'ybll and Super Skrull. The discuss Captain Reptyl and the Sufer's distaste for him. Meanwhile, Clumsy sets his trap for Reptyl, and the Kree will know when he reaches the moon. Meanwhile, Shalla Bal is kidnapped by a Kree Sentry. Nenora has found out that she had learned the secret that she was a skrull. She had planted the sentry and bugs on the planet to hear what she knew. Contemplator watches on in his astral form and comes upon a chamber containing the remains of the Supreme Intelligence.Reptyl arrives and begins discussing the emotionless ways of the reptile to S'byll. She becomes infatuated with this and embraces him. This enrages Super Skrull who attacks Reptyl. But Reptyl is not without his resources and uses Super Skrull's powers against him. He thn bites out the Skrull's throat.Surfer is angry at this and S'byll is emotionless. She says Reptyl will take is place and he was obviously not strong enough. Surfer takes his body off the planet, for a proper burial.
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