Silver Surfer #32

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"A Choice of Dooms"

The Silver Surfer has been infected by a sentient virus with the help of an unknown ally. The Surfer is plagued with pain, aches and hallucinations. He destroys a unmanned space station that processes energy, thinking it a monster. The station belonged to the Pheragot of Arago-7, who investigate it's destruction.The Surfer begins hearing voices in his head that tell him to do horrible things. He then sees his greatest foes attacking him. He passes out and is revived by the Pheragot, who tell him he has fallen victim to Hlavac's Disease and the cure is in the ore on a planet called Aedi. The Surfer escapes from them.It would take all the ore of the planet to cure him and this would destroy the planet. The voice in his head tries to convince him that this is of no significance. The people of the planet Aedi communicate with him and know his goodness and tell him to use their planet and they will sacrifice themselves. The Surfer refuses, saying his life is not worth millions.He remembers what his old friend Doctor Strange once taught him and turns his power in on himself. He becomes one with his body and forces the virus out, which he quickly encases in solidified cosmic energy and shoots it out of the galaxy into the void.The one behind the scheme is revealed to be Mephisto, having failed to corrupt the Surfer once again. He vows to never stop trying for all millenia.

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