Silver Surfer #42

Product Description

"A Second Chance"

The Surfer is in Tent City contempating on how to escape of make more money when a commotion begins. It is Drax and he says he can prove that Thanos is still alive. Not realizing the Surfer cannot escape without his help, Drax leaves him behind.He soon finds that he can get a job as a performer. A performer gets hooked up to the power grid to make light shows. He knows this is his chance. He has an acquaintance help him negotiate. They agree and Surfer, recharged with his power attempts to reach the Great I. He senses no evil in the creature and tries to reason with it.He soon realizes that all the Great I does for the city is run things and has no interest in injustices. The city is really run by bureaucrats who want to keep the poor down to get rich. The Surfer and his friend are apprehended for their fourth and  final criminal offenses - and the punishment is death.


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