Silver Surfer #55

Product Description

"The Universe According to Thanos Part 1: Genesis"

The Silver Surfer is tired of waiting for action and wishes to assist Earth's heroes. Adam Warlock tells him to meditate on the upcoming task at hand.Adam tells him it is time to attack but he has miscalculated. All of their allies have been destroyed by Thanos. Warlock's despair overcomes him and Thanos destroys him, leaving only the Silver Surfer to stop him. But Thanos' power is too great. He makes the Surfer his slave and takes away his Power Cosmic. He then destroys Mephisto, tired of his advice.Thanos has won the affections of Mistress Death and now it is her that worships him. He created his own throne world called Necronos with one billion inhabitants who all wait in line to be killed and sent to Death's realm. He created it as a holy temple to honor Death herself.He tells the Surer that as his slave he will write the story of Thanos for all eternity to read of.

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