Silver Surfer #78

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Since Nebula and Geatar have a hostage, the Surfer gives his word to not interfere. They take the Chancellor to the com room and make him tell all the guards to evacuate the prison. After they leave, she goes to meet her crew. She wants her crew to have weapons so she cuts off the Chancellor's hand to use as a key to the armory and gives it to Geatar to help arm them.Galactus speaks to Morg and tells him that he will continue to serve as his herald, but for now Firelord and Air-Walker must not know. Morg tells him he will serve better with his axe, but Galactus tells him it has been taken by Terrax. Galactus allows him to leave to retrieve his axe and become whole again.Nebula takes her crew to the largest ship available for their escape. But they are met by a surprise, the new and improved Jack of Hearts. The entire crew is no match for Jack and the Surfer, and in the process Geatar is injured. Nebula will not forget what he has done for her and plans their escape. She ignites the engine, killing everyone in the hangar including her crew.The Surfer has managed to save one member of the crew and Jack has saved the Chancellor. Jack stays behind to make sure Torval is rewarded and to help the Chancellor recover. The Surfer promises that he will eventually cross paths with Nebula again and return her to justice.


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