Silver Surfer #90

Product Description

The Silver Surfer must show Legacy the error of his ways - not easy when confronting a might worthy of the Captain Mar-vell! The cosmic battle of the century ensues when the Power Cosmic clashes with the cosmic power of Legacy!SummaryThe Silver Surfer has found Genis-Vell and allows Raze to escape in order to speak with him. The Surfer tells him that he has learned of him abusing his power using it as though he were a common knave. Genis, who now calls himself Legacy, tells the Surfer that he cannot tell him what to do and attacks him.The Surfer takes the battle to orbit so no property or people will be harmed. They battle until the Surfer turns it up and completely overpowers Legacy. But he is simply teaching a lesson to Genis about how it feels to be victimized, such as Genis has been using his power. Legacy finally realizes how he must change his ways . They part on good terms with one another.But in the shadows, someone is waiting for the Surfer - Avatar.

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