Silver Surfer / Warlock: Resurrection #3 (1993 Limited Series)

Product Description

"Welcome to Hades!"

Silver Surfer and the Infinity watch have to get Shalla Bal's soul from Mephisto, which will be no easy task. He will not speak with Warlock and turns him into stone. Mephisto makes it so the Surfer and himself are alone. He shows the Surfer that he indeed does have Shalla's soul. The Surfer reminds him that they have been in this situation before, and offers his soul in exchange for Shalla's. But Mephisto is no longer interested. The Surfer's soul is not as pure as he once believed. He tells the Surfer that he will keep the soul and torment it forever, just to hurt the Surfer. The Surfer attacks Mephisto, but is no match for him. The Infinity Watch joins in the fight but they are bested by the demon as well. He traps them all in a stone statue. But he is challenged by Warlock, who claims he has the Soul Gem that has the power over Mephisto as well. The battle between the two begins.

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