SPEND THE NIGHT #1 Jackie Kong (Blood Diner / The Being) OOP Limited Release Comic!

Product Description

Horror Icon, director Jackie Kong births the Urban legend One-Eyed Jenny during a Mishap at a Halloween Slumber Party, that leaves one friend dead in the first issue of "SPEND THE NIGHT"©. Area locals know and fear the legend of One-Eyed Jenny. The mere mention of her name sends chills down their spines! Terrifying yet beautiful! A murderous, frightening corpse roaming the Bayou and neighboring parishes stuck between Earth and the afterworld. A restless spirit looking for satisfaction.

 ...dare they summon the terrifying One-Eyed Jenny? Should they make the grave error, and strike a deal with the decrepit Urban Legend to bring their friend back to life? Saving their friend will bind them to the spirit and put them at the beck and call of a malevolent, supernatural being. Their lives forever intertwined. Will they put into motion “The Curse of One-Eyed Jenny”? 
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