Web of Spider-man #1 (1985 Series)

Product Description

We begin with Pete putting on his red and blue Spidey costume but it quickly turns into the symbiote while it is on him. We cut quickly to a street mugging. The muggers go back to some warehouse-type place where thy met up with their leader - he reveals that he had spent time in prison with the Vulture and has created his own Vulture-esque uniform ... except that it's red and yellow. The gang of four all change into Vulture costumesSpidey starts battling with his costume, trying to get it off him. As he struggles with himself across the city, the Vulturians swoop by. They grab Spidey mid-air and fly off. Our hero spends half his time struggling with himself and the rest trying to escape the Vulturians. He has to be very careful though because his web shooters aren't working (they are...

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