Wolverine #14

Product Description
Above the Pacific Ocean, Archie, Patch, and Jessica are all in Archie’s plane, chasing after the “vampires” in their plane. Patch, realizing that this has gone far enough, goes in the back to change. In the meantime, Archie catches up to the vampire plane, whereupon Jessica leaps onto it. Patch comes out of the back, only this time he’s dressed in his black and tan costume of Wolverine. He also leaps onto the vampire plane to take them down, together with Jessica. In the process, he learns that Jessica was aware of “Patch’s” identity the whole time. They meet with some resistance but, thanks to Wolverine’s claws, short work is made of them. Up ahead, Burt drops a rope-ladder down towards the vampire’s plane. The vampire plane swerves, knocking Jessica out the door....
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