X-Factor #109 (1986 1st Series)

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Legion Quest Part 1. "The Waking!" Story continued from Uncanny X-Men #319. Legion is awake and Mystique flees the hospital and avoids capture by X-Factor. She meets up with Avalanche, but the rendezvous is disrupted by X-Factor. Mystique uses Avalanche as a diversion and returns to the hospital to kill Legion. She is stopped by Wolfsbane and Forge, but neither are a threat because Legion comes to Mystique. He delivers a message from Destiny, causes X-Factor to vanish, then leaves promising to make things better. Continues in Uncanny X-Men #320. Notes: Despite what Mystique says, she did not swear on Destiny's grave that she would kill Legion. Mystique scattered Destiny's ashes in X-Factor Annual #6. Also, on page 22 Mystique claims Forge is responsible to Renie's death. 
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