X-Factor #113 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description
Guest-starring Mystique! On a desperate quest to cure Havok, the team infiltrates the old headquarters of Alpha Flight -- and finds Heather McDonald and Wild Child!SPOILERSX-Factor has tracked Havok to a nightclub in Tokyo where he's lost control of his powers. So has Fatale who knocks him out and then takes on the entire X-Factor team. Scarlett McKenzie appears and tells Fatale that Havok belongs to her, Fatale disappears with him.Wild Child tracks Havok to a pier. On a ship in the harbor, Yukio tries to free Havok when Fatale attacks. Havok emits a huge blast of energy and the ship blows up. X-Factor fishes him out and gives him his old containment suit.Sugar Man meets with Scarlett and tells her to bring him Havok.
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