X-Factor #17 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"Die, Mutants, Die!"

This story takes place after Thor #378...

Thor returns Iceman to X-Factor's compound following his abduction at the hands of Loki. They are picked up on the security monitors and the members of X-Factor notice that not only is Bobby iced up, he is shivering. With Iceman's assurance that he's okay now that he's back at his headquarters, Thor leaves to attend to other affairs. As Hank, Rusty and Skids arrive on the rooftop, they have the unfortunate duty of telling him that Warren committed suicide and that his funeral is today. Taking Bobby down to his room, they find that he is having trouble keeping his powers under control and Rusty uses his in order to thaw Bobby out. Bobby is further surprised when Skids is able to grab his suit out of the closet and learns that the two of them have learned how to control their powers. When Skids remarks how proud Warren would be for them, she runs out of the room in tears.

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