X-Factor #21 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"For Every Action..."

Cameron Hodge returns to the X-Factor Compound and is instantly bowled over by Hank, who despite being sick following a touch from the Horseman Pestilence, feels stronger than ever.[1] Pulling Hodge away from Hank, and restraining him, they find out he has come because Warren Worthington's will is about to be read. Scott has some news for him: He's fired, because X-Factor no longer wishes him to be their public relations man because of his smear campaign. Cyclops also accuses him of being responsible for the Phoenix hologram that almost drove him mad.[2] However, when Cameron asks for proof, they find that the computer no longer generates the hologram. Still, despite this, Scott tells Cameron to clean up his desk and get out of their building.

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