X-Factor #3 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description
Beast, having been kidnapped by Tower for Dr. Carl Maddicks, has been subjected to experimentation to reverse the genetic cause of mutation and is on the brink of death as a result. It is revealed that Dr. Maddicks has a son, Arthur, or 'Artie', who has as a result of his mutant powers lost the ability to talk and ended up horrible disfigured. Meanwhile the rest of the X-Factor team, having defeated Tower, begin interrogating him to discover Beasts location when Arties powers place the mercenary in a trance like state, though Beasts screams of pain end up distracting the young boy allowing Tower to free himself and reveal Dr. Maddicks's location to the team who offer him a position with them which he promptly laughs off.  The team reaches the Bio-Chemical compound where...
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