X-Factor #36 (1986 1st Series)

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New York City has gone insane, lifeless objects are transforming into demonic creatures and terrorizing the citizens of the city. Beast and Iceman attempt to fight off a transformed hot dog cart and fire hydrant. Witnessing the battle is reporter Trish Tilby, who is put off not by the Beast's restored furry form, but his devil-may care attitude and returned intelligence. Before she can communicate this, a demonically transformed subway train smashes out of the ground and swallows her and her camera crew up before diving back underground again.

While elsewhere in the transformed city, the demon N'Astirh prepares for the arrival of the kidnapped baby mutants, particularly the child of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, who's sacrifice will smash open the barriers between Earth and Limbo, turning the Earth into a true inferno. As he waits, he considers the fact that Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor's similar appearances and muses how they are both two sides of the different coin. He turns his attention to Warren Worthington, who is still at the Boston headquarters of the Right, having slain Cameron Hodge and his minions he now cradles the lifeless body of Candy Southern in his arms. When N'Astirh appears to mock him and tells him that he granted Cameron Hodge immortality (although seemingly false) the former Horseman of Apocalypse notices that the demon is projecting his image from New York City. When N'Astirh finishes his communication following the arrival of the mutant babies, Warren vows to hunt down N'Astirh and kill him for his part in Candy's death.

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