X-Factor #42 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"All That Glitters..."

Continued from last issue... While searching for young mutant Thomas Jones, X-Factor would find the boy the prisoner of a band of Trolls seeking to use his ability to transmute matter into any element in the Periodic Table to turn the island of Britain into gold in the hopes of driving out humans so that the Trolls and other mystical creatures can reclaim their homeland. With X-Factor their captives, Phee, Phay, and Phee take the boy to use his powers leaving Phough and Phumm behind to guard their prisoners. When Phumm notices baby Christopher loose in the tunnels he attempts to crush the boy, however the Summers child manages to erect a telekinetic shield to protect himself. When Marvel Girl revives and sees her lovers son in trouble she uses her telekinetic powers to stop the two Trolls from harming him.

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