X-Factor #50 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"Judgement War Part 7: Judgement Day"

It's a giant-sized 50th-issue anniversary adventure! The galaxy spanning 'Judgment War' reaches a shattering climax! Is it X-Factor's finest hour -- or the moment of it's most devastating defeat? To make matters even more frantic, what's happening to Jean Grey? Seera, the Rejects and the Beginagains join forces with Beast, Archangel and Iceman in the Arena to fight against Lord Rask and the Chosen. Meanwhile, Cyclops and a group of Rejects and Beginagains search for Marvel Girl and their baby son. Although they find Jean, she is still not fully sane as the Phoenix force and Madelyne Pryor battle to control her mind. Cyclops and Jean move on through the city and disable the power supply to the Arena, allowing Zarkah and the remaining Reject forces to surge in to the fight. One of the...

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