X-Factor #66 (1986 1st Series)

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"Heroic Effort (Endgame, Pt 2)"

Ship has been infected with some type of virus that makes it lash out at the city, as well as X-Factor themselves. But this isn't all Apocalypse has planned. Baby Christopher is also a target and is soon a captive of the Dark Riders despite X-Factor's best efforts, as well as the efforts of a mysterious woman who calls herself the protector of the "Chosen One."Note: Originally Scott and Jean were to be married in this issue, but that was changed. The original cover was later published in an issue of Marvel Vision.Also, this issue includes the Apocalypse Manifesto, an in-depth look at members of X-Factor through the eyes of Apocalypse himself. Featured are files on Iceman and Beast.Errors: On the very first page, Ship is called "sentitent." It should be "sentient." Also, on page 15,...

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