X-Factor #65 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"Malign Influences (Endgame, Pt 1)"

Ship has suffered an anomaly and must run a check while X-Factor gets back to their lives. Each member does their own thing, but an all-out assault on Ship brings everyone back to the fray. The Dark Riders attack X-Factor while Harddrive attacks Ship. Apocalypse is seeking revenge, and this is just the first step.Note: This issue includes the Apocalypse Manifesto, an in-depth look at members of X-Factor through the eyes of Apocalypse himself. This issue includes files on Archangel, Cyclops, and Jean Grey.SynopsisX-Factor prepares to practice in their Ship's version of the Danger Room. Before the sequence can start, however, an odd power short occurs, leaving Cyclops concerned over the well-being of Ship. Ship claims it wasn't more than a hiccup but promises to run a diagnostics check...

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