X-Factor #68 (1986 1st Series)

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Cyclops must make the ultimate choice when he learns that both Ship and Nathan are shown to have contracted a terminal virus at the hands of Apocalypse. Askani offers a remedy, but there are no guarantees she's right about saving Cyclops's son. Apocalypse may be defeated, but his actions will haunt Cyclops forever.Note: This issue isn't in the same format as the previous three issues in the arc. It is instead narrated by Cyclops.SynopsisIn the chambers of Apocalypse, X-Factor comes face-to-face with the man himself. Apocalypse claims that the team will be obliterated by use of the very person they came to save: Nathan Christopher. At these words, Gauntlet, Barrage, and Tusk again attack. The fight is pretty quick with X-Factor making the fight look fairly easy, but then Medusa appears...

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