X-Factor #69 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

"Clash Reunion (Muir Island Saga, Pt. 3)"

Continued from Uncanny X-Men #279. Muir Island is in turmoil due to the influence of the Shadow King. X-Factor gets called in to make an assault on the Shadow King's nexus. The primary problem, however, is getting past the Shadow King's army of X-Men. Professor X is back in action as he goes against the very reason he started the X-Men. But it seems like allies are even scarcer than first thought. Story continues in Uncanny X-Men #280.Note: Val Cooper does not appear in this issue. It's Mystique.SynopsisX-Factor has been called to Washington, D.C. from Archangel's vacation home in Colorado where they have been recuperating from the loss of the home (Ship) and, more importantly, the son of Cyclops, Nathan Christopher. Recognizing their duty to the world, X-Factor meets with Val Cooper....

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