X-Factor #77 (1986 1st Series)

Product Description

Great X-Pectations"

Stryfe and his Mutant Liberation Front attack X-Factor and free the Nasty Boys. Later, Cannonball shows up to "liberate" Rahne from the control of the government. Rahne, however, is making friends, and Polaris proves it by letting Cannonball escape the questioning Havok has planned.SynopsisA pregnant couple visits the Tucker Free Clinic in hopes of finding out if their unborn child has any problems. With all the normal tests of the day, the baby looks fine. With Dr. Tucker's new test, however, it appears that there is a chance that the child will be born with a mutant ability. The wife is upset that her husband had worked at a nuclear plant but, in the end, she agrees to keep the baby.In an office, an attorney named Ms. Wang tries to convince Val Cooper and Mr. Claudius that the Nasty...

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