X-Factor #78 (1986 1st Series)

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The MLF attack again, but his time it's on a clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. X-Factor is too late to save the doctor; what of his research? The morals of Rahne and Quicksilver get in the way of completing this mission, and future mutants may thank them. Also, Mr. Sinister reclaims his Nasty Boys from Stryfe.SynopsisDr. Tucker takes a call at his clinic from a woman that warns him that he and his clinic are in danger. He is adamant about refusing to back down to terrorists because his work is too important. The woman hangs up before he can get her name, though he thinks she sounds familiar.At the X-Factor compound, Val Cooper is excited to show the team their new Danger Room. Havok is a little miffed that he wasn't consulted about a Danger Room since, as leader, he should have some...

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