X-Factor #86 (1986 1st Series)

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Continued from Uncanny X-Men #296. Cyclops and Jean Grey have escaped Stryfe's base and realize they're on the moon and can't breathe. Stryfe saves them.Wolverine, having received a psionic distress signal from Jean Grey, tells the X-Men and X-Factor that she and Cyclops are on the moon. Cable, Bishop, and Wolverine prep themselves to go to the moon on their own. Upon arrival at the base, they run into the Dark Riders and some of Stryfe's troops.Havok assembles a team of X-Men, Polaris, and Cannonball to go to the moon. Madrox lets Havok know the dupe that was watching the X-Patriots was missing. The dupe later awakens in the hospital. Havok chooses to lie to Valerie Cooper about the X-Patriots escaping.Archangel lets Apocalypse out of the cell he was being detained in to try and save...

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