Fun Box Monster Podcast #31 House Where Evil Dwells (1982)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #31 House Where Evil Dwells (1982)
When a weird dude with a mustache brings his family to Japan to (write an article for a magazine maybe?) he moves them into a haunted house where he proceeds to cosplay as a samurai, a karate instructor, a business casual samurai, and a Trappist Monk. To his family's dismay, the house is haunted by a love triangle murder suicide from the 1800's. Also, some ghost crabs that speak spooky Japanese. The (non-crab) ghosts proceed to possess the family members in an attempt to recreate the circumstances of their death, for reasons that only ghosts may know. Things go south from there. Join Matt and Tristan as they put on their silk bandannas and ring the doorbell of The House Where Evil Dwells. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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