Fun Box Monster Podcast #38 The Horror Show AKA House 3 (1989)

Fun Box Monster Podcast #38 The Horror Show AKA House 3 (1989)

After the 110th murder committed by Meat Cleaver Max the police are finally ready to send him a stern warning. They send their bravest police officer, Detective Lucas McCarthy, and his disposable partner to the combination steel mill and diner where Max is holed up. Lucas arrests Max, but not before Max kills Lucas' partner and 3 other people, scarring Lucas for life. Looking for closure, Lucas goes to watch Max being executed in what looks like a racquetball court. As it happens, Max was prepared for this eventuality, and uses some sort of evil electricity to come back from the dead. Once he's back, he uses his evil powers to dress up as Lucas' wife, impersonate his lawyer, and become a turkey. Join Matt and Tristan as they grab their 2x4's and beat on the possessed furnace that is, The Horror Show. 

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  • Chad Pennell
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